Welcome to Five Corners Cannabis

Prince Rupert’s first locally owned and operated Cannabis Dispensary.

Our goal is to provide the community, that we are proud to call home, access to information and products related to all things Cannabis.

Whether it’s curiosity or conversation, we are here to welcome all of those in the community to come and engage in a culture that many have lived and embraced for years but also many have just become open and aware to since legalization. Whether you are a new, recreational or an experienced user of Cannabis, we value the communications with all those who seek information or to inform. Constant feedback and relationship building with our community is what we strive for to help us provide the dispensary experience that our town deserves.

About Us

Five Corners Cannabis all started, as most business ventures do, as a daydream shared by childhood friends. What seemed like a far-fetched pipe dream a few years ago planted the seed that soon sprouted into a journey that took a dream and made it into a home grown reality.

We saw the opportunity for us to not only follow our dreams but at the same time become a contributing part of the community. Our passion for Cannabis can only be matched by our passion to become positive ambassadors of the industry, in which we hope to bridge the gap between all things cannabis and our community. We seek to build an open relationship with our customers that will help us provide the service and products that they want and deserve. Our goal is to create a sense of community that will continue to provide feedback and dialogue so that we, as a business, can continue to grow and set a standard that will resonate with the tremendous support we received from those in town council, residents of the area, and all of our friends and family that never stopped believing in us during our wild journey. We are humbled by it all and hope to create something special for everyone.

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Our Services

Come down to our store to experience our products first hand, flowers ranging from SATIVA, INDICA, HYBRID, and CBD strains or browse our selection of oils and edibles for those looking for other avenues of cannabis consumption.

Got questions or just curious? Our Cannabis Consultants on site will be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have or provide suggestions catered to your specific  taste, experience, and type of Cannabis best suited for you to to experience. 

Cannabis accessories

We are proud to offer to our customers some of the finest Canadian hand blown glassware available. Our selection ranges from small discrete to big and loud, all the finest custom hand blown glassware, proudly made in Canada and guaranteed each one is unique and one of a kind.

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    • Email: support@fivecorners.ca

    • Store Phone # : 1-250-624-4444

    • Address: 1100 Park Ave, Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1K1


    Monday – Thursday 10:00am – 10:00pm
    Friday – Saturday 10:00am -10:00pm
    Sunday 10:00am – 10:00pm